Pulse detonation turbines change the way fuel is burned within a turbine engine. Turbines currently burn fuel through a process called deflagration. This process burns fuel continuously, like a gas grill. Regular turbine engines have ring of multiple nozzles (usually more than 20) within the engine which all spray a continuous stream of fuel for burning.  Our proprietary technology burns the fuel through small explosions or detonations, like in an automobile engine. This changes the foundational energy flow from a subsonic process (deflagration) to a supersonic one (pulse detonation). AVEI's proprietary designs are able to capture and focus this supersonic energy into a uniform directional flow while maintaining seal integrity. This results in a projected increase in engine performance of over 20%. Right now the turbine engine market tops several hundred billion yearly. GE Aviations total industrial backlog now exceeds $135 billion for both equipment and long-term services contracts. Pratt Whitney's yearly Net Sales is $14.5 billion with an operating Profit $1.9 billion. Pratt Whitney is currently lobbying the US Congress for an upgrade contract for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which touts an "up to 7% increase in efficiency". AVEI's proprietary pulse detonation turbine engine technology could conservatively produce over a 20% increase in engine efficiency. The potential fuel savings from this technology are enormous. The US Department of Transportation states that in 2013 US airline carriers spent 48 billion dollars on fuel. If all commercial carriers were using AVEIs pulse detonation turbine technology, they could potentially save 9.6 billion yearly (2013 fuel prices). Investing in AVEI is not only investing in your financial future but also investing in our planet.

Hi-Bypass PD Turbofan

Our hi-bypass pulse detonation turbofan is for commercial airlines, governmental aircraft and private passenger jets that use turbofans currently. This engine improves fuel efficiency and foreign object ingestion survivability by incorporating pulse detonation and swept front fan technology.

Wide-Mouth PD Turbojet

Our wide-mouth pulse detonation turbojet offers enhanced fuel efficiency and speed with its pulse detonation technology. We believe, once built, that it will provide an economical "super cruise" for military aircraft enabling prolonged supersonic flight without afterburners.

Multi-Cycle Turbine Rocket

Our multi-cycle turbine rocket engine is for a horizontal take-off and landing (HTOL) reusable launch vehicle (RLV). It works as a turbojet for vehicle take-off and to obtain high altitude and speed. As the air gets too thin, the engine transitions to an air-breathing rocket with large movable intake ramps for air capture and compression. The engine is slated to use RP-1 and hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer for high altitude flight.